Her love for this world brings no peace
She can’t let her comfort and ease to cease
She can’t see the fire,her heart is blind
Temporary charms have dried her mind
She never cares what’s right and wrong
She does whatever the hell her heart wants
This carefree attitude will lead her to destruction
People are dying for unattainable perfection
Her days and nights make no sense
The weight of her dreams so immense
Her existence brings no good,she is useless
Nobody wants to be with her,she is a mess
Soon she will disappear,the one you call grinner
Somewhere deep in the darkness,she is a sinner!


Boys are Humans too!

He stares at you but when you look away
He thinks about you when you are busy in day
His smoky room and a full ashtray
Shows clearly that he was your prey
All colorful dreams in his eyes ,you turned them grey
With his true feelings,you never felt sorry to play
None of your promises forced you to stay
Girls like you are witches who always slay
“It’s an unforgivable sin to break a heart”,they say
Did they mean only girls’ heart? ,Nay!
Badness is always associated with males,a great dismay
Why such discrimination ,when all of us are made of clay
You considered him emotionless, acted in a tipical way
Boys feel pain too,they are humans,aren’t they?